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Why Banza is Changing Pasta Forever

Regular pasta has a satiety problem. Portion sizes are out of control. The average pasta serving size is 480% larger than what's recommended. How many times have you eaten pasta and crashed? Overeating will do that.

With Banza, we want to do things better. That's why we've created the first pasta made from chickpeas. As opposed to regular pasta, Banza is well balanced from a macronutrition standpoint, making it particularly satiating. Banza is gluten and grain free, high in protein and fiber, non-gmo and vegan. Because it's made from chickpeas, it's delicious.

Many staple foods have changed for the better over the past few years. Yogurt has become Greek Yogurt and milk is becoming almond milk. Isn't it time the pasta aisle got an upgrade? It's a massive, stagnant industry, and we think it's ripe for positive change.

All things considered, we think we may have a shot. It might sound crazy, but we'd like to believe that this is Pasta 2.0: the next generation of pasta.

It's not going to be easy. People have been eating pasta the same way for the past several hundred years. But we're here to bring the change. We hope you'll join us on this journey!

Join our Pasta Revolution!