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When a customer leaves you speechless

When Jessica Leiser of Long Island, NY sent us an email yesterday, it left me speechless. I gave myself some time to find the right words before responding, but really, what can I say? This woman just made my month.

And what a month it's been. Banza was featured in an hour long spot on CNBC, sold tens of thousands of boxes online, and in a few short weeks will be in over 200 stores in the Midwest.

Yet when I look back on August 2014, it will be this note that I think of. I'll think of it to stay grounded. I'll think of it to remind myself of why we do what we do. There's a long, long road ahead before we reach our goal. But I know we're onto something.

Thank you Jessica.



"I bought 12 boxes. I spread some "banza" love to my family. My mother in law is the lead ambassador of wellness for Nassau County Long Island (NY) and has Celiacs. My sister in law also has Celiacs. My own sister is wheat sensitive. I myself am a stage 3B cervical cancer survivor and have many "gut" issues because of the chemo and radiation. I personally do not handle pasta at all and I can't even eat rice pasta plus I am a vegetarian. So needless to say I'm a restaurants worst nightmare. This pasta is amazing. My entire family is thrilled with it. I can actually have pasta now. Which is so nice!  My only thoughts (being a marketer lol) would be to expand your product line. I'd love to make a lasagna out of the noodles or angel hair pasta with clams for my husband using this. My 16 month old daughter loves it! She's eaten it with butter and Parmesan cheese and she's had it with marinara sauce. She slurps them up! It's truly a great product and I hope it catches on big! I'm thankful I DVR'd your episode! I look forward to seeing your product in store too! But until them I'll keep ordering online!

Congrats! Very impressive and yummy product!

Jessica Leiser"

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