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Foods We Love.

We’re obsessed with food. It’s the first thing we think about when we roll out of bed, and it’s the one true love we turn to when the going gets tough.

Sure we want to be healthy, but there’s something about green juices and kale salads that leave us craving more. We want the food that makes us drool; food so good you might never put your fork down! That’s why we decided to reinvent our favorites so that you never have to choose between healthy and tasty again.

Made Better.

We believe healthy should be an indulgence, not a punishment. You should feel good about having seconds when you’re eating food you love.

Reinventing is a loaded word. There’s no magic here. We use simple ingredients - foods you can find in your local grocery store. Foods you trust to fuel you the right way.

For Everyone.

We set out to prove that eating right doesn’t require tons of time, money, or culinary expertise.

So, we make nutritious foods that are affordable, convenient, and easy to prepare. Our goal has always been to give the home cook the tools to make a delicious, healthy meal. The pastabilities are endless!

"There is no sincerer love
than the love of food."

Our journey started in 2013, in a home kitchen in downtown Detroit. A then-23-year-old Brian Rudolph spent late nights, and even earlier mornings, perfecting his recipe for a better pasta.

Brian was no food scientist. And you can ask his roommate - he wasn’t exactly a chef, either. Just a kid who liked to play with his food who held the belief that his favorite dishes ought to be more nutritious.

He wanted to challenge the food industry to innovate on behalf of people like him. So he teamed up with his big brother Scott, and brought that passion to grocery shelves across the country. In a little over a year, we’ve gone from selling in 2 stores to 2,000.

Our team is growing, but our mission is the same: to make the foods you love, love you back. You can find us working out of a rehabbed house in Detroit, and a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Whether selling in the grocery aisles, or cooking up new recipes, we connect over our love of food. So if you’re ever in town, let’s do dinner!

Join our Pasta Revolution!