Food that's a joy in every way

We know you have a lot on your plate. We're here to take more stressful have-to's off it and put more delicious, nutritious, easy-to-make meals on it.

Friends enjoying Banza pizza with rosé
Banza rice with hummus and zucchini noodles Banza pasta shells in cooking pot Banza pasta in picnic setting

We make it easier to


Good for your health. Good for the planet's health. Yet here in the US, we don't eat enough of them. We're doing our part by turning chickpeas into the foods we all love most.

Why legumes?

Protein. Fiber.  Reducing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Better for the environment… if the US switched from meat to chickpeas, we would nearly meet our greenhouse gas emission goals. So yeah. We're chickpea super-fans. And yes, we started naming them, too… we don't care if that's weird.

Closeup of ckickpeas
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Meet the

Pasta. Pizza. Mac 'n' Cheese. Rice. All your favorite comfort foods, now graced with the power of the mighty chickpea.

Welcome to our table.

To us, food is family. And we hope that every bite of Banza lets you share more joyful times with yours. So, see you at dinner? We'll be there. Lunch? You got it. Breakfast? We like you already.

Let's Eat